10″ Round

10" Round Tank

New Sizes and Styles Available!

All Tanks come with 2 Stainless Mounting Straps

All tanks include free shipping, $5 UPS surcharge for rural delivery.  Custom orders welcome.

Lengths up to 60″ available.

Tanks come unspun. Available raw, polished or powder coated.

Options Available:

  1. Gas Gauges
  2. Remote Fill
  3. N.P.T. Fittings up-to 1″
  4. Sumps
  5. Custom Venting
  6. Polished Billet threaded and vented Gas Cap

Pricing Aluminum

14″C or E$160$185$2204.5
16″C or E$160$185$2205
20″C or E$169$195$2306
22″C or E$169$195$2306.5
23″C or E$169$195$2307
24″C or E$169$195$2308
26″C or E$169$195$2308.5
30″C or E$169$195$23010
33″C or E$169$195$23011
36″C or E$189$210$26012
40″C or E$189$210$26013
42″C or E$200$220$27013.5
44″C or E$245$265$31514
47″C or E$245$265$31515
50″C or E$259$280$33016
53″C or E$269$290$34017
56″C or E$280$300$35018
60″C or E$320$340$39020

C=Center Fill, E=End Fill

Upgrade to Polished billet Vented Gas Cap and 2 Chrome Straps – $38.00

Call for a Polished Price Quote

Other Options:

  • N.P.T. Bungs Welded anywhere – $14.00 Each
  • Top Pickup /w tube – $38.00
  • Site Gauges Installed – $50.00
  • 5″x5″x3-1/2″ Deer Sumps /w 2 Fittings – $60.00
  • Hidden Shoot out vents – $30.00
  • Horizontal Fuel outlets / Flush with bottom of tank – $45.00

Bang for the buck Stainless is the hands down Winner

  1. Fully Polished
  2. Easy Cleanup
  3. Accepts All Racing Fuels
  4. Nitro, Alcohol and Water Leave No Residue
  5. Aluminum Starts Oxidizing the second you get it
  6. Try to wipe a spun tank with a towel and you get a mess
  7. Clean with Steel wool or Scotch-brite
  8. Aluminum will contaminate the fuel if left in long enough