8″ Round

8" Round Tank

New Sizes and Styles Available!

All Tanks come with 2 Stainless Mounting Straps

All tanks include free shipping, $5 UPS surcharge for rural delivery.  Custom orders welcome.

Lengths up to 60″ available.

Tanks come unspun. Available raw, polished or powder coated.

Options Available:

  1. Gas Gauges
  2. Remote Fill
  3. N.P.T. Fittings up-to 1″
  4. Sumps
  5. Custom Venting
  6. Polished Billet threaded and vented Gas Cap

Pricing Aluminum

18″C or E$155$169$2055.5
20″C or E$155$169$2055.75
22″C or E$155$169$2056
24″C or E$165$180$2106.5
26″C or E$180$200$2357
28″C or E$180$200$2358
30″C or E$180$200$2359
32″C or E$180$200$2359.5
33″C or E$180$200$2359.5
36″C or E$180$200$2359.5
40″C or E$220$240$2959.5
44″C or E$230$250$3059.5
46″C or E$230$250$3059.5
60″C or E$270$290$3509.5

C=Center Fill, E=End Fill

Upgrade to Polished billet Vented Gas Cap and 2 Chrome Straps – $38.00

Call for a Polished Price Quote

Other Options:

  • N.P.T. Bungs Welded anywhere – $14.00 Each
  • Top Pickup /w tube – $38.00
  • Site Gauges Installed – $50.00
  • 5″x5″x3-1/2″ Deer Sumps /w 2 Fittings – $60.00
  • Hidden Shoot out vents – $30.00
  • Horizontal Fuel outlets / Flush with bottom of tank – $45.00